Angelique Gaeta

Chief of System Safety and Security
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Angelique Gaeta currently serves as Chief of System Safety & Security for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), in San Jose, California. In that role, Ms. Gaeta manages the Safety & Compliance Department which is comprised of the System Safety Unit, the Environmental Health & Safety Unit, and the Principal Safety Auditor. She also oversees VTA’s Protective Services teams, including private security and fare inspectors, and manages all contracts with law enforcement agencies providing supplemental law enforcement services to VTA, including the Santa Clara County Sherriff and the San Jose Police Department. As Chief of System Safety & Security, Ms. Gaeta also chairs VTA’s Rail System Safety Review Board and Illness & Injury Prevention Program Committee; and, co-chairs the Joint Safety Committees with the Amalgamated Transit Union and the Service Employees International Union. Prior to joining VTA, Ms. Gaeta served as Interim Deputy City Manager for the City of Half Moon Bay, California; Assistant to the City Manager for the City of San Jose, California; and Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Jose, California. Ms. Gaeta is a graduate of the University of California, at Berkeley, and has a law degree from the Santa Clara University, School of Law, in Santa Clara, California.
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