Adelee Marie Le Grand

Transdev North America
Transdev North America
Adelee Le Grand is a leader who is passionate about utilizing mobility as a tool to create and sustain vibrant equitable communities. She empowers her team to view their portfolio of projects as opportunities to improve the lives of the community they serve. Her motto is, “it is not about the project, it is about how the project improves the community.” Adelee is a Vice President at Transdev, which is one of the largest providers of mobility solutions in the United States of America and abroad. She provides strategic advisory services to transit clients in North America. Her area of specialty is developing and communicating strategies into actionable plans that will guide the implementation of business solutions and innovations. Through contract agreements with Transdev, Adelee has served as a member of the executive team for two transit agencies. In December 2019, she assumed the role of Chief Mobility Officer for the Atlanta‐region Transit Link Authority (ATL), working closely with the Executive Director and Planning Division to establish the new state authority’s suite of services and strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders and regional partners such as MARTA and GDOT. From 2016‐2019, she served as the Chief Strategy Officer in service to the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority where her responsibilities included developing the first Strategic Mobility Plan for the New Orleans Region, developing a Transit Asset Management Plan, implementing a Regional Fare Product, and rebuilding the Planning Department. Adelee has spent her career in transportation. Her background spans several decades in the public and private sector. She led major transportation projects and managed professional staff upwards of 2,000 people in NC, SC, TN, GA, AL, MS, LA, and FL. Her responsibilities included developing the strategic vision for the numerous transportation practices and managing the financial growth of the organizations. Some of her most significant projects include: ATL Roadmap, Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority; Strategic Mobility Plan, New Orleans Regional Transit Authority; Transit Asset Management Plan, New Orleans Regional Transit Authority; and Transit Oriented Design Guidelines, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. Adelee has helped elevate the value, scope, and profile of public mobility on a national stage, while serving as a mentor to young professionals. She has conducted hundreds of public meetings, managed thousands of people, served as a board member and chaired several professional associations. She speaks in North America on public mobility issues for professional associations, public agencies, and universities. She has directed complex teams on large, time-sensitive projects including federal environmental studies, asset management plans, transit-oriented development plans, operations plans, and revitalization plans.
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